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Manufacturer: Cap
Grade Level: Grade 3 -- Grade 6
Average Rating: Not Rated
Group: Adventures In Stem
  • Title: Buildings
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  • Title: Computers
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  • Title: Materials
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  • Title: Robots
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  • Title: Vehicles
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  • Title: Space
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*****Buildings***** Buildings and structures are all around us--from houses to skyscrapers to bridges and tunnels. But what goes into constructing them? Dig deeper and explore the design, construction, and engineering processes involved in making these incredible structures. Buildings will leave you with a greater appreciation of what goes into creating these amazing structures from the ground up. Grade 3-6. Paperback.

*****Space***** Take a trip into space and discover the spacecraft, satellites, and telescopes that travel among the galaxies and stars. Learn about the astronauts who have lived in orbit and set foot on the moon and find out about the future of space tourism and exploration. Grade 3-6. Paperback.

*****Computers*****From games and graphics to networks and virtual reality, computers are all around us. Today's computers can draw pictures, play games, send emails, and even land space probes on Mars. But that wasn't always the case. Find out how ancient abacuses evolved into today's supercomputers and learn about some of the great computer scientists who made it all possible. Computers will take you inside these incredible machines to discover how they work, and then help you get started coding your own programs. Grade 3-6. Paperback.

*****Materials*****Everything around us is made of materials. Discover how materials are chosen to make everything from raincoats to skyscrapers to sticky notes and bulletproof vests. Learn about melting, evaporating, mixing, and chemical reactions, then carry out your own easy-to-do experiments with solids, liquids and gases. Grade 3-6. Paperback.

*****Robots*****Robots were once only futuristic ideas, but the future is here! Discover how robots help humans, from exploring space and destroying bombs to performing surgery and cleaning houses. See how robots use sensors to explore and interact with the world around them and learn how programmers write codes to instruct robots how to behave. Grade 3-6. Paperback.

*****Vehicles*****Humans have been using vehicles for thousands of years. Explore the technological evolution of vehicles for land, sea and air--from a 10,000-year-old dugout canoe to driverless cars. Discover the challenges engineers face and the improvements they are making to vehicle speeds, materials, and efficiency. Grade 3-6. Paperback.
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